Unleash your restaurant

We are an online platform that provides a unique set of tools that help independent restaurants stand out from the crowd.

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Get discovered

With a Whichdish profile, your restaurant will be more visible to search engines, meaning people will be able to find information about your restaurant.

Performance analytics

Want to see how many people are looking at your profile? We send you weekly and monthly reports that indicate how many people are viewing your profile.

Professional photography

Make your restaurant look professional with images provided by Whichdish, we will send a photographer to your restaurant to capture what makes you unique.

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Users can browse through your restaurant profile in a new interactive away.

Give your customers the opportunity to see all that you offer, get found by people that are searching for food.

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Give your customers what they want

Users can search through your menu easily, no need to download a menu or zoom in and out to read it, filter via dietary types.

This is all completely free

Right now we are not charging restaurants to use our services, we won't even ask you for payment details!

Looks great on a phone, tablet and computer

Our platform is very fast and responsive, meaning no matter what device people are on, things look great and load quickly.

Link social media

Link all of your social media accounts in one place, allowing customers to see your status.

Shout out about it

Share your new profile on Whichdish anywhere you want, give people the opportunity to see what you have..

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No restaurant chains

Only independent restaurants are advertised, we don’t work with chains, so your restaurant won’t be compared against franchises

Step 1.

Register for an account and confirm your email address, then complete our application form.

Application Form

Step 2.

Once your account has been approved, you can either build your profile yourself or request us to do it for you. When your information or menus need an update just contact us.

Step 3.

Now you have access to all of our features. If you require us to take any pictures of your food, please contact us and we will get back to you soon.